Walking Squares – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

I do a considerable amount of walking during the course of the year, at places like the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and combining this exercise with the pleasure of photography makes the walk even more enjoyable. It’s good to see Becky’s Square Photo Challenge back again. Thank you for continuing to host this unique challenge, Becky!

It occurs to me that some of these shots might fit the bill for Jez’s Water, Water Everywhere Challenge too. And we might even Pull Up A Seat or two with XingfuMama.

Last year, I wrote a piece called Thoughts on Walking. It was on one of my other blogs that I rarely use so it didn’t get much notice. If you didn’t already see it and have the time and the inclination to read it, I would be thrilled.


28 thoughts on “Walking Squares – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

  1. Sue, how did I lose sight of your other blog? I know I have followed Incidentally in the past- the title and the picture brought it all back, but you have been totally off my list of blogs for quite some time apparently. I corrected that right away.

    • Thanks, Deb! I don’t very often write on Incidentally so it probably only shows up once in a great while. But I do enjoy writing, when my brain allows me to concentrate long enough, so maybe I’ll give it another go when the winter weather confines me to home.

  2. Love all the photos individually and collectively! A wonderful garden to visit and enjoy. Loved rereading your piece, Thoughts on Walking- it really is extra special!

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