Sunflower Memories

Just prior to us cutting down the last of the sunflowers in the garden, the goldfinches went on a feeding frenzy. It was as if they knew that they’d better make the most of what was left. (Just as an aside, I dislike this new block editing thing intensely, but, like everything else, I expect I’ll get used to it.)

24 thoughts on “Sunflower Memories

  1. Lovely to have them right by the window!
    With this new block editor I start a new post putting in the heading then click the cross on the right and chose ‘classic block’, it’s just like the old version except the ‘add media’ icon is further to the right.

  2. I really like your post, Sue. The photos are beautiful. I was so frustrated with the new editor that I stopped blogging for a few weeks. Then I watched one of the WP videos explaining how it worked and I’m okay with it now. I’m even thinking I might stretch myself to see what it can do to make my posts a little more interesting. But not too much of a stretch, mind you. 😉

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