Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Designed By Nature

This week, Patti is looking at Shapes and Designs as the theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. I suspect that, much like snowflakes and humans, no two creatures of any one species are exactly the same. We are all different. Every one of us unique in our own way, according to nature’s design.

40 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Designed By Nature

  1. Fantastic captures. I have to say I love the zebra. You positions yourself head on. Thats hard to do. I always have a side view of the zebra from our zoo. They seem to just want to go about their business. Very nice, and great picks for the prompt. Donna

  2. These are gorgeous, Sue. I saw you visits again today and realized I haven’t seen a post from you for ages. Evidently I was “unfollowed “ somehow but I just re-followed. Gotta love WordPress. 😳

  3. Wonderful photographs capturing the amazing variety of patterns in nature- a real treasure trove for all to enjoy and reflect on the wonder of nature. Absolutely brilliant photos…all my favourites!

    • Thank you, Tracy! I had to go back quite a few years in the photo files to find a usable picture of the African hunting dog. They nearly always seem to be curled up in the furthest corner of the enclosure when I see them at the zoo these days. They are fascinating creatures with their gaudy patterns.

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