Close Encounters

Menominee Park Zoo was another stop on our visit to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The exhibits, grouped around a small lake, cover 8 acres in Menominee Park. Although the animals are somewhat less exotic than those of somewhere like Brookfield, they are, in most cases, easier to locate and fun to photograph.

There may not have been any lions or tigers at the zoo but we did have a close encounter with a chipmunk. I also had the opportunity to go eyeball to eyeball with a turkey.

We came across a giant tortoise named Dash that appeared to have the ‘run’ of the place, finding things to munch on as it made its ponderous way across the lawns.

There was also a rather amusing alpaca that appeared to be performing some kind of semaphore with its right ear. I should perhaps mention here that admission to the zoo is free thanks to a generous gift by Tom and Penny Harenburg and is open to the public from early May until late September.

Although there wasn’t an awful lot to see, it was a nice day and we enjoyed the walk, and before we left the park, we stopped off at the Chief Oshkosh Memorial for whom the city was named. His remains were purported to have been interred at the foot of the memorial but the truth of this appears to be in dispute.

For more on our visit to the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, please check out Flying High

Marsha kindly suggested that the sculptures in this post could well qualify for her Photographing Public Art Challenge so with that in mind, here is the link to her page Publically Going In Circles

27 thoughts on “Close Encounters

  1. Turkeys are just not attractive birds at all, but I give you kudos for capturing the vibrancy Sue! Great close up shots of the tortoise and the alpaca-who looks rather ridiculous with a head full of hair and a body that’s been sheared extensively.

  2. Wonderful portrait photos of such different personalities!! Fascinating photo of the turkey- never seen one quite like that- as well as having an amazing neck and nose its feathers are wonderful too! That alpaca has attitude!

  3. This is a beautiful post. I love the wolf??? The colorful lion and other statues make it a perfect link to PPAC, (Photographing Public Art) if you want to link it. 🙂 We went to Wisconsin to visit friends one summer. I remember the wild strawberries and old tractors. I wish I’d thought to take pictures of interesting things like you did. 🙂

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