Human Nature – At The Morton Arboretum

A beautiful day at the Morton Arboretum and the perfect setting for their latest art exhibition entitled ‘Human Nature.’


These magnificent sculptures by artist Daniel Popper should definitely be viewed from all angles, not only to enjoy the piece itself, but how it relates to the surrounding landscape.


These 15 to 26ft tall sculptures were created exclusively for the Arboretum and are made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood and concrete.


Each sculpture weighs several metric tons but despite their size, they are sometimes dwarfed by the surrounding trees of the Arboretum.


The sculptures are spread throughout the Arboretum and although there are parking areas by most of them, some require a short walk to gain access.


The exhibition will be open through March 2023 and I’m looking forward to making a second visit later in the Fall when the surrounding trees will take on a whole new appearance.


The artist, Daniel Popper, is from Cape Town, South Africa, and his art installations include the memorial sculpture for the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


32 thoughts on “Human Nature – At The Morton Arboretum

  1. Sue, this is another amazing exhibition. I am so envious that you are able to see art like this in personal, and so thankful that you share it on your blog.

  2. Man, Sue, those are some fantastic sculptures, and you’ve captured them beautifully. I kind of want to prod Heidi, and drive the see such a compelling art ensemble!

    • Definitely worth a visit, Chris. And I believe they’re opening a new section at the Arboretum around September 16 so even more reason to visit. And of course, it’s always nice to see the fall colors and decorations.

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